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Identity is generally the common idea and subject questioned by most individual/ humanity.

What I feel to be a identity is a persons whole structure and personality, in most terms the idea of identity can be based on culture and background but that doesn’t necessarily mean that, that is you as a person/individuals.

To say ones identity is based on their fore bringing’s and how they look, from skin tone, to language and colour of hair is discriminative and subjectively biased thoughts and opinion.

Generally when referring to identity the option for ones entire existence isn’t made up of their surrounds.

I can genuinely say that when dealing with identity it isn’t who the person thinks they are in common human nature an individual is capable of creating an entirely new characteristic and persona to fit and suit their mood or surround.

But the question is how they feel about themselves mostly that is what I feel people are in conflict with and questioning their identity as to say it’s made up of the uncharted thought pattern of your surroundings.

An identity in my own personal feeling is a person’s whole entire existence and in better terms what makes you, you Like my entire existence is based on just creating, their fore i refer to my identity as a creator.



Modernism known to much as the traditional style, the none expressive form or way of art and social structure. To me modernism is a cry for help as it isn’t really an expression of one’s own reality. But it also depends on the on the term or idea used to express the modernism.

Modernism in global society is a structure, it takes from the principle’s that society is what it is and that everything is the way that it seems. Structure although reputable a positive lifestyle, doesn’t bring out the freedom and personality that an individual requires for and only restricts personal output towards the way one feels, like strings for a puppet masters which is confined.

Postmodernism is more of a cultural term that I feel expresses both my personal style and likes. Expression within postmodernism works in a more elaborate structure, and may to some be allot more lenient on the ways of life.

If modernisms is consider structured and refined then postmodernisms is the total opposites and works away from their general practice.

Given the structure of modernism, postmodern works to enforce the very foundation of one’s own thought and practice and derive from the style of felling like one is being controlled and structured to work in a specific manner.


what does this image represent to those of use that already and what does it mean to those that dont?Semiotics the idea of an instrument or object that’s seen as a medium, here I chosen to look at the idea’s shown for the representing the idea of a semiotics.

The idea is generally represented using a black and white setting, to show both stillness and silence, which bring out about the thought of fear. When referring to the bringer of death, we as people/ intellectual people may use the idea of scythe hooded entity or skull and bone to best express this idea. Too much of humanity this symbol maybe understood as the bringer of death, but to those that aren’t familiar with this image or understanding it means something particularly different. For example to the common higher class families eating with use of knife and fork is common practice, while to the lower class families this may be seen as overly exaggerated, and to the higher class they will see it as civilised. Whatever the bases of the medium is, the interpretation of an image generally comes down to experience and influences brought upon the individual.

it seems as though given the term of understanding and interpretation is used to try and refer to objects as a reality of a image, images or signs such as icon’s can be used as a means to give and create meaning and understanding for individuals.

The case with this idea at this point isn’t the idea that we as people/individuals are able to understand the idea of a semiotics or sign, it is that so how we are implanted with the idea the image of the subject is referred to as what it is.

social semiotics shows of such practice with “Ferdinand de Saussure” explaining that much of life in itself changes because of semiotic practise “social semiotics”, which’s is the use of communicating to the point, where new practise and teaching is developed as generation and time processes. like for instance within the era or year of victorian time practices such as sex and drugs have become more than just a discriminative and corrupted thought pattern and are now in this era and time seen as exploitation and factors in key to life

so now the subjects isn’t really based on semiotics but how humanity is as a whole uses information and images understanding as a whole to grow.

barbara kruger

Born January 26, 1945, an American conceptual artist.

Barbara Kruger is considered a really good designer. And works mainly in a black and white style her style main consists of words and image, here colour scheme generally ranges from red, black and white. Mostly using the Helvetica font style,  her mediums uses the means of text to correspond with the image and create a meaning.

Cel shaded style

cel shaded art stylecel-shaded is also known as toon shading, and is often used to mimic the style of a comic book or cartoon

The style of cel shaded works mostly in the works of animation to my common knownledge, and is preferable one of  my most liked style used in animation.

I first took note of  this style in my younger days playing the game “tales of symphonia”. created by namco and produced by Akira Yoshizumi.

the  talse of series also follows with other stlyes and storyline and are among one of my favourite games

here is a video done from the tales of symphonia series :

others that also use this style  of art form are “okami” (which is another  game that i highly like and recommend to those looking for a compelling storyline and also a diverese gameplay)

developed by capcom, this game features the main character Amaterasu, (which means the goddess of sun) as a wolf deity that goes around restoring life back to there world, the way it was before it was affect by the the evil that threatens the local vilagers life style.

cel shaded art style - wind waker

keith thompson

<<<the work of keith thompson is really good and i really like the stlye he use to express is art work.

most of his work follow a dull kind of gradient texture towards is work, which kind of resemble the era of the victorian color grade, which is his stlye and i find attractive and find appealing.

to look at most of his other works and here his website :

me as an individual

Just as all other artists and celebrities who are discriminately seen as stars and worshipped as ideals, I believed that as an individual feel as though it is better  to be acknowlegde as a human being before being acknowlegde for their acts.

I don’t feel as though im given enough time and are allowed to express myself as much as i need and want,

being confined to ones own structure and thoght

just leave me let me be

just love to create it doesnt matter what for, or medium used for the magic and so long  as i have fun doing it.

Hello world!

first time writing a blog…

helloooo people.

topic is set on the word appropiatation and how we feel it effects that individual.

what i think is blah blah blah.