what does this image represent to those of use that already and what does it mean to those that dont?Semiotics the idea of an instrument or object that’s seen as a medium, here I chosen to look at the idea’s shown for the representing the idea of a semiotics.

The idea is generally represented using a black and white setting, to show both stillness and silence, which bring out about the thought of fear. When referring to the bringer of death, we as people/ intellectual people may use the idea of scythe hooded entity or skull and bone to best express this idea. Too much of humanity this symbol maybe understood as the bringer of death, but to those that aren’t familiar with this image or understanding it means something particularly different. For example to the common higher class families eating with use of knife and fork is common practice, while to the lower class families this may be seen as overly exaggerated, and to the higher class they will see it as civilised. Whatever the bases of the medium is, the interpretation of an image generally comes down to experience and influences brought upon the individual.

it seems as though given the term of understanding and interpretation is used to try and refer to objects as a reality of a image, images or signs such as icon’s can be used as a means to give and create meaning and understanding for individuals.

The case with this idea at this point isn’t the idea that we as people/individuals are able to understand the idea of a semiotics or sign, it is that so how we are implanted with the idea the image of the subject is referred to as what it is.

social semiotics shows of such practice with “Ferdinand de Saussure” explaining that much of life in itself changes because of semiotic practise “social semiotics”, which’s is the use of communicating to the point, where new practise and teaching is developed as generation and time processes. like for instance within the era or year of victorian time practices such as sex and drugs have become more than just a discriminative and corrupted thought pattern and are now in this era and time seen as exploitation and factors in key to life

so now the subjects isn’t really based on semiotics but how humanity is as a whole uses information and images understanding as a whole to grow.


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