Modernism known to much as the traditional style, the none expressive form or way of art and social structure. To me modernism is a cry for help as it isn’t really an expression of one’s own reality. But it also depends on the on the term or idea used to express the modernism.

Modernism in global society is a structure, it takes from the principle’s that society is what it is and that everything is the way that it seems. Structure although reputable a positive lifestyle, doesn’t bring out the freedom and personality that an individual requires for and only restricts personal output towards the way one feels, like strings for a puppet masters which is confined.

Postmodernism is more of a cultural term that I feel expresses both my personal style and likes. Expression within postmodernism works in a more elaborate structure, and may to some be allot more lenient on the ways of life.

If modernisms is consider structured and refined then postmodernisms is the total opposites and works away from their general practice.

Given the structure of modernism, postmodern works to enforce the very foundation of one’s own thought and practice and derive from the style of felling like one is being controlled and structured to work in a specific manner.


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