Identity is generally the common idea and subject questioned by most individual/ humanity.

What I feel to be a identity is a persons whole structure and personality, in most terms the idea of identity can be based on culture and background but that doesn’t necessarily mean that, that is you as a person/individuals.

To say ones identity is based on their fore bringing’s and how they look, from skin tone, to language and colour of hair is discriminative and subjectively biased thoughts and opinion.

Generally when referring to identity the option for ones entire existence isn’t made up of their surrounds.

I can genuinely say that when dealing with identity it isn’t who the person thinks they are in common human nature an individual is capable of creating an entirely new characteristic and persona to fit and suit their mood or surround.

But the question is how they feel about themselves mostly that is what I feel people are in conflict with and questioning their identity as to say it’s made up of the uncharted thought pattern of your surroundings.

An identity in my own personal feeling is a person’s whole entire existence and in better terms what makes you, you Like my entire existence is based on just creating, their fore i refer to my identity as a creator.


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