Cel shaded style

cel shaded art stylecel-shaded is also known as toon shading, and is often used to mimic the style of a comic book or cartoon

The style of cel shaded works mostly in the works of animation to my common knownledge, and is preferable one of  my most liked style used in animation.

I first took note of  this style in my younger days playing the game “tales of symphonia”. created by namco and produced by Akira Yoshizumi.

the  talse of series also follows with other stlyes and storyline and are among one of my favourite games

here is a video done from the tales of symphonia series : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zX2fm4hEsfk

others that also use this style  of art form are “okami” (which is another  game that i highly like and recommend to those looking for a compelling storyline and also a diverese gameplay)

developed by capcom, this game features the main character Amaterasu, (which means the goddess of sun) as a wolf deity that goes around restoring life back to there world, the way it was before it was affect by the the evil that threatens the local vilagers life style.

cel shaded art style - wind waker


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